How to Get a Pre-Sett Settlement Loan to Help With Bills

A pre-settlement funding or lawsuit cash advance takes place when plaintiffs are given cash by a court settlement prior to the case being finalized. The company advancing this cash will need proof, such as medical records and/or court documents detailing your injury. If your injury has barred you from work for a period of time,Continue reading “How to Get a Pre-Sett Settlement Loan to Help With Bills”

Lawsuit Loans – The Benefits Of Pre Settlement Funding

Pre settlement funding is the best option for those who are financially unstable and require money immediately to help pay for their legal expenses while their case is pending. Pre settlement funding is also known as a nonrecourse loan or an unsecured loan. This means that you do not have to repay the money ifContinue reading “Lawsuit Loans – The Benefits Of Pre Settlement Funding”

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